These are the best loans for pensioners

Are you retired or early retirement and need money for those vacations that you could never do? Here we inform you about how to quickly and easily get a loan for pensioners and all its advantages.

You deserve a vacation. After 30 years working, it’s time to rest, and what better way to do it than on a cruise, on a paradise beach or visiting Rome. You need fast money and your pension can give it to you . You only have to choose a suitable retirement credit for you, choose the entity that most convinces you through our website , and you already have it!

Types of personal loans for pensioners

There are different types of personal loans for pensioners that suit your specific needs. In addition to those that traditional banking markets, there are alternative loans such as the fast loans of Gandalf , whose advantages are the convenience and speed of the loan.

On the one hand, we can request mini-credits of up to € 1,200 in less than 15 minutes without paperwork or having an endorsement. A money that you can return in a month and in a single payment and with the advantage that they have no commissions or linked products of any kind. To get them, we do not need to justify the reason for the loan, so we can spend it on whatever we want.

On the other hand, there are personal loans, which are what we know as traditional bank loans . With them we can get up to € 60,000 and return them in 10 years with an Annual Equivalent Rate (APR) of around 8%.

Finally, the reverse mortgage allows us to obtain a supplement to our income as retirees using our house as a guarantee of reimbursement . This means that, if you are over 65, the bank will convert the value of your property into a monthly payment. A practical solution if you do not have heirs and you would like to be able to spend without limits.

How to know if I am a pensioner?

Early retirees are those over 65 who, by agreement with a company, receive early retirement until they reach retirement. If you meet these characteristics you will have greater possibilities when it comes to obtaining a credit since your conditions are favorable for the entity, intermediary or private creditors.

If you are retired but you do not reach 75 years of age, you are on time because it is the maximum age established by many of the banks to be able to access a loan and if, on the contrary, you are 75 years old or older, they will demand an additional translated guarantee, normally, in the form of endorsement. This becomes more important when the credits are long-term or when contracting products with a long return period.

Does age influence when applying for loans for pensioners?

The answer is yes, since being too young or older increases the risk of repayment of the loan and these will depend on the age we have at the time of requesting it.

Loans for pensioners in Phineas

As a pensioner, to apply for a personal loan it does not matter if you are on the list of Phineas, private creditors or intermediaries like Monedo Now , which assures you a financing of up to € 5,000 in comfortable terms and with a TIN of 6.4% or , from which you can get up to € 100,000 paying only an 8.95% of TIN, they accept clients listed in the delinquency file although for this you have to meet minimum solvency requirements.

Although the chances of getting our loan for retirees decreases by belonging to this list, there are also home equity loans to access large amounts of cash .

To apply for a loan:

The main requirement is to have enough income to be able to return the loaned capital as well as their interests. On specific occasions, depending on the age, the lenders will ask us for life insurance to guarantee their return. In any case, we must present:

  1. One or more receipts of the last pensions received so that the entity or creditor can certify their amount or regularity.
  2. The DNI or NIE as well as a document proving their securitization as a pensioner .
  3. Finally, a bank statement with the latest movements in your account.

And with all this, you’ll be able to request your credit to enjoy that money without limits!