The best loans for students

Pericles, Socrates and Descartes have plans for you. You have always wanted to study journalism, architecture or fine arts and you have never considered the possibility of requesting an online credit . With the loans from Gandalf or the aid from Tinkerbell, you will go back to the University in style. Know all loans without interest for students and start to cultivate the mind.

What is a university loan?

Whether it is an advance of the MEC scholarships or an advance to carry out a degree or master’s degree, a loan for university students is a loan for students who, due to the fees and the price of the university credits , need a hand to pay the complementary studies of University. This type of loans are intended for young people between 18 and 30 years old and with it, you can finance:

  • Training:
    • University Registrations of Spanish and Foreign Universities.
    • Master’s Degree / Postgraduate Programs in Universities or Spanish and Foreign Business Schools.
    • Doctoral Studies in Spanish and Foreign Universities.
    • Research Projects
  • Linked expenses:
    • Computer and didactic materials: computer, Tablet, etc.
    • Language courses or computer.
  • Maintenance and mobility:
    • Rental and residence of students.
    • Light, water, telephone, gas, etc.
    • Travel pass.
    • Driving school course.
    • Transportation or transfer expenses.
  • Expenses related to mobility or exchange programs for students and teachers : Mojito, Kilili, etc.

How to apply for a young loan?

There are multiple options. Requesting a personal loan online is the fastest and easiest way to do it. To ensure that you have chosen the most suitable one for you, you can use a loan tracker by clicking on our website from which you can choose to contract your loan with a small private creditor or with a large bank.

You only need 10 minutes:

  1. Read in detail the information about the loan that best suits your needs and choose it.
  2. Prepare your ID or NIE and a bank receipt (document that proves who is the owner of the account, and that can be issued by the bank).
  3. Have the mobile phone to validate the data.

Once all the fields are completed, you will receive the money immediately so you can start enjoying it.

Characteristics of university loans

The interest rate usually ranges between 5% and 7%, and can also be fixed or variable. Like any transaction, the demand for an online loan has commissions, although a loan for university or post-graduate purposes is usually exempt despite the fact that it is common to find an opening loan.

The advantage of this type of loan is that most have a grace period that ranges from a couple of months to the first two years, you can postpone the payment until you finish your studies or start working.

In addition, the return period will depend on the conditions of the loan and the entity, but vary between 6 months and 10 years.

Where I apply for a personal loan?

All financial institutions and small creditors online offer this type of loans. With the conditions of Gandalf Bank you can get up to € 60,000 and return them in 84 months with a monthly amortization and a 3% opening fee.

On the other hand, the young loan of Harry Potter has two modalities, the Wesley Studies Loan (from € 1,000 in a maximum period of 12 months) or the Mojito + Hermione Master Loan (up to € 18,000 and 6 years of repayment in the absence of a year and fixed interest of 5.15% per year plus an opening commission of 1%).

Another option is the Gandalf personal loan , whose Gandalf online loan simulator studies your conditions and designs a customized loan.

Choose the one you choose, do not wait any longer to enjoy the University, its campus and its student environment!