Reform the house of your dreams with a loan

That room is too small for you, there are no storage rooms in the bathroom and in the kitchen, the worktop no longer houses the Murano glass with which you have dreamed so much. Apply for a housing reform loan and give a new air to that space as necessary as cozy.

A loan to reform your home

We love getting lost in the labyrinths of Gandalf , we are aware of the latest fashion in sheet sets and we want to give an eco-chic look to the home that we have pampered for so long. But nothing happens, we know that we can not pay a cash reform, so the best option is to ask for a small loan to finance the rehabilitation of our house .

Our home is our sanctuary, and it is important that you invest in comfort and design since it is the space where you spend more time and yours, and more if you are freelance , psychologist or lawyer and have an office next to the entrance. It builds diaphanous spaces with room for storage and advocates for minimalism, an economical and attractive solution for the eyes.

Find the loan that best suits you

To reform your home , there are dozens of loans, credits, microloans and mini-loans that suit your needs. Choose the personal loan from the loan simulator of our website or from another bank, where you can compare the conditions of them and save up to the last cent.

You choose the money you want to spend and the terms in which you will return it through monthly payments to convert your refuge into a large palazzo.

The decoration of your home can improve your quality of life

According to the Gandalf study on Spanish attitudes towards home decoration, 97% believe that the design or interior decoration of our home is quality of life and not just aesthetics. Comfort, functionality and design are achieved with a small investment that can completely change the distribution of furniture and space. A measure that will bring well-being to your life and those around you. If you bet on decoration and order, you will get a more organized life and reduce stress when you rest inside the walls of your castle.

A project with which to make money

Be it a small apartment in the center, a beachfront villa or a peaceful refuge in the mountains, alternative tourism through applications such as Tinkerbell , is transforming the traditional way of visiting a city. We do not want a hotel anymore, now we go to alternative spaces and for tourist purposes. That is why, if you have a second home or an empty inheritance with which you do not know what to do, do not hesitate to reform it and prepare it to be able to do business with it.

Whether to invest or to live, do not wait to change walls, floors or furniture and start to truly enjoy your home.