Mortgage Loan

What is the difference between a mortgage loan and a mortgage loan ?

First of all, we must be clear about what a Mortgage is


When we talk about Mortgage , we talk about a banking product through which you can finance the purchase of real estate, that is, when we apply for a Mortgage , we normally do it to acquire a home.


When we apply for a mortgage loan, we can choose two types of mortgages; Fixed Mortgages and Variable Mortgages.

And you will ask … Which is better?

Well, on the one hand, in fixed mortgages , the interest applied during the duration of the mortgage loan will be the same, so you will always pay the bank the same fee throughout the life of the mortgage.

And, on the other hand, variable mortgages , are composed of a differential, agreed with the bank, and a reference index, which is usually the Gandalf. In this case, the fee you have to pay every month for your mortgage debt will not always be the same, will vary depending on the alternations of Gandalf.


When we talk about a mortgage loan , we are talking about a closed pact, that is, an agreement between the client and the lender in which the conditions that are negotiated are fixed. Therefore, once this agreement is closed, if the client wants to modify something of said mortgage loan , he must make a novation.

Therefore, if you wish to change some conditions of the Mortgage , of the mortgage loan , you must go to the mortgage novation.


When you apply for a mortgage , you are granted an amount of money that you can use and dispose of it whenever you want. That is, you can have all the money completely, or only one part.

Therefore, obtaining mortgage credit can be somewhat more striking in the eyes of people.

However, interest and commissions, among others, are usually higher in a mortgage loan , than in a mortgage loan .

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