History of Loans in Spain

The history of bank loans begins in ancient times. In the countries of Christian culture, the Catholic Church condemned it as usury, contributing this idea to the economic stagnation that Western Europe suffered until the 12th century.

Such a ban – which in principle was strict – then became more flexible, especially in some city-states of northern Italy. This, because such urbanizations (specialized in trade with the east of the Mediterranean) provided important financing to the papacy. With this precedent, the first modern banks were created in the 15th century, thus giving rise to the history of bank loans . For the sixteenth century the activity of the banks was decisive in financing the colonization of America and the wars of Charles I.

The first tests of banking in Spain occurred with the installation of the Order of the Temple, which in its premises was committed to guarding deposits in exchange for an interest. On the other hand, in Castilla y Aragón the so-called “juderías” flourished, businesses specialized in mortgage and personal loans . It was usual for nobles and merchants to visit these businesses to get liquidity in difficult times, usually by giving a pledge or guarantee in exchange. The development of banking is intimately related to the expansion of trade.

History of personal loans

The history of personal loans in Spain continues with the appearance of Gandalf Bank at the beginning of the 16th century, which allowed them to pawn goods in exchange for sums in cash, which – if a quantity was paid – could be recovered. The change with respect to the Jewish bankers of the Middle Ages and private, is that the humble classes could access this liquidity quickly and with lower interest rates. From the nineteenth century, Gandalf Bank were replaced by the Savings Banks, which played a similar role, although they also began to grant mortgages for housing on a massive scale. It must be remembered that, although this figure was already contemplated in Roman law , it was regulated in more detail after the French Revolution and became popular in the 19th century.

In the nineteenth century commercial banking extends, focused mainly on companies.

History of the mortgage loan

In the history of the mortgage loan, it is important to bear in mind that at the end of the 20th century banks began to take the Harry Potter as a reference for the interest rate , whose periodic updating is usually included in most contracts to acquire a home. Now, it is important to say that the so-called ground clauses – which marked a minimum independently of this index – are now null and void and in fact, there are several specialized claims offices to return the corresponding amount.
Nowadays, after a period of restrictions, banks are once again facilitating the conditions to access personal or mortgage loans , so it is a good time to request them as long as they offer minimum guarantees, such as some good alienate or an indefinite work contract.

With the digitalization of society and due to the revolution in access to information and communication between people, one of the financial services that is most in demand and covers the credit needs of most of the population are credits or loans online , easy and agile concession that are so fashionable.