Bad Payer: How to Get a Loan?


Are there any chances of obtaining a loan if it is reported in crif, experian or ctc as a bad payer? Of course , credit institutions also meets this kind of needs! The important thing is that the applicant is an employee (hired indefinitely) or retired.

Fill out form immediately and get a free quote with no obligation within the next 24 hours. When it is a reported in crif, experian or ctc as a bad payer it is possible to obtain a loan requesting the assignment of the fifth of the salary.

With the assignment of the fifth salary the customer indicated in crif pay the installments directly with his paycheck or pension, and this allows to obtain a personal loan, even if it is a reported in crif as bad payer.

The bad payer can then get a personal loan for amounts up to € 30,000 and in some cases this limit rises to € 50,000 ! Among the various advantages of the personal loan by assignment of the fifth salary or pension, there is the serenity of repaying the installments with an amortization plan of up to 120 months . The transfer of the fifth, therefore, is the only possibility for those who are reported in crif, experian or ctc; obtained this new personal loan, you can evaluate to consolidate other loans in progress, regularize the outstanding installments, then pay only one installment per month .

Only employees hired on permanent contracts are allowed to apply for a second payroll loan, the payment proxy . This second loan has the same characteristics as the sale of the fifth . In order to complete these two loans, the salary certificate will be required; if the request is made by a pensioner, the transferable quota will be required .