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Small and medium businesses always have financial needs that can be supported by business credit. However, entrepreneurs still take a long time before making the decision to request one. In the Report on credit and growth of SMEs 2019 of Floyd, it is indicated that only 30% of the companies surveyed have a loan to be able to boost their projects and move forward.

Among the issues that make you doubt or take the decision to apply for a loan for your business, are thinking that it is an unnecessary debt or that it is very expensive due to the interest rates they handle in the market.

Small business loan information: Please see our page for more 

Business loans, in addition to providing the necessary capital to operate and sustain the expenses that SMEs may have, work in such a way that they can be settled easily and at an affordable cost.

The first thing you should do to apply for business loans is to click here to go on Oak Park Financial.

Some entities provide an amortization table so you can visualize how the payments would be divided in a partial way and consider if your business has the capacity to pay.

In general, the credits that are destined for working capital, do not include VAT, so you only have to pay the capital that they lend you plus the interest and commissions established by the institution that would be lending you the money.

You must also take into account the benefits that can be granted. For example, if there is no penalty for advance payments to capital and even if you can apply for a second loan that can be approved almost immediately.

How does a business loan help?

Financing can help a business not only to have liquidity but to grow. Within the aforementioned Report, it was also learned that those entrepreneurs who used their credit to invest in digital sales channels and technology for their businesses, reported annual sales of more than 10 million pesos.

So how can you realize a loan can help a business meet its growth goals and come to have greater value in the market and within your industry.

If you have plans to innovate, create a product, expand your business or even renew it, applying for a loan may be the best financial decision to make.

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Payday loan bad credit -Our bad credit payday loans is designed for you


Looking for a fast loan? Then consider the online credits with online lenders!

There are many misunderstandings about borrowing money. For example, many people think that they do not qualify for a loan, while often there is a possibility. When you need a small amount of extra money, it is important that you look closely at the various possibilities and take out the most suitable loan. This is often possible without credit checks and paperwork!

Do you have a bad credit history? Our bad credit payday loans is designed for you 


At many loan providers, we see strict conditions when taking out a loan. Think of papers that you have to send, an employer’s declaration and performing a BKR check for example. Those who are (temporarily) unemployed, have incurred a negative BKR registration or do not have the right documents can therefore often not easily borrow money through these regular loan providers. This is precisely the reason that more and more lenders are entering the market, who want to ensure that a bad credit payday loan is immediately within reach for everyone. If you need extra money quickly, read Your Guide if bad credit!

What should I take into account for a fast loan without a job?

In particular, these independent lenders offer loans on the internet. By providing loans via the internet, they make it easy to borrow money for everyone. Because it is only small amounts, complex credit checks and paperwork are not necessary. However, you will have to take into account at least the legal conditions with these loan providers. To borrow responsibly it is very important that you always read in and compare different providers to get a realistic picture. The chance to borrow is at least a lot easier thanks to these independent lenders!

Where can I find a fast loan without a job?

These lenders are quick and easy to find on the internet. Online borrowing has been a big trend since the past years, because of the ease with which a small loan can now be taken out. If you are also considering an online loan, remember that it is important to ensure that you stay informed of all conditions. It is at least the legal conditions, but it is just as important that you let yourself be informed about the additional conditions and do not take any risks. By choosing an online loan you can arrange your loan application within 5 minutes and in many cases, you will receive the same day money! To apply for a loan you simply have to find a suitable lender where you can meet all the conditions and fill out the online application form for the loan of your choice. You will then immediately receive a message via e-mail or SMS and in most cases, the money is still on your account today! A fast loan without a job can, therefore, be realized quickly for everyone!

Mortgage Loan

What is the difference between a mortgage loan and a mortgage loan ?

First of all, we must be clear about what a Mortgage is


When we talk about Mortgage , we talk about a banking product through which you can finance the purchase of real estate, that is, when we apply for a Mortgage , we normally do it to acquire a home.


When we apply for a mortgage loan, we can choose two types of mortgages; Fixed Mortgages and Variable Mortgages.

And you will ask … Which is better?

Well, on the one hand, in fixed mortgages , the interest applied during the duration of the mortgage loan will be the same, so you will always pay the bank the same fee throughout the life of the mortgage.

And, on the other hand, variable mortgages , are composed of a differential, agreed with the bank, and a reference index, which is usually the Gandalf. In this case, the fee you have to pay every month for your mortgage debt will not always be the same, will vary depending on the alternations of Gandalf.


When we talk about a mortgage loan , we are talking about a closed pact, that is, an agreement between the client and the lender in which the conditions that are negotiated are fixed. Therefore, once this agreement is closed, if the client wants to modify something of said mortgage loan , he must make a novation.

Therefore, if you wish to change some conditions of the Mortgage , of the mortgage loan , you must go to the mortgage novation.


When you apply for a mortgage , you are granted an amount of money that you can use and dispose of it whenever you want. That is, you can have all the money completely, or only one part.

Therefore, obtaining mortgage credit can be somewhat more striking in the eyes of people.

However, interest and commissions, among others, are usually higher in a mortgage loan , than in a mortgage loan .

From Tinkerbell , the online comparator of financial products, we advise you to calculate your mortgage with the mortgage simulator to see which option is best suited to you and your needs.

History of Loans in Spain

The history of bank loans begins in ancient times. In the countries of Christian culture, the Catholic Church condemned it as usury, contributing this idea to the economic stagnation that Western Europe suffered until the 12th century.

Such a ban – which in principle was strict – then became more flexible, especially in some city-states of northern Italy. This, because such urbanizations (specialized in trade with the east of the Mediterranean) provided important financing to the papacy. With this precedent, the first modern banks were created in the 15th century, thus giving rise to the history of bank loans . For the sixteenth century the activity of the banks was decisive in financing the colonization of America and the wars of Charles I.

The first tests of banking in Spain occurred with the installation of the Order of the Temple, which in its premises was committed to guarding deposits in exchange for an interest. On the other hand, in Castilla y Aragón the so-called “juderías” flourished, businesses specialized in mortgage and personal loans . It was usual for nobles and merchants to visit these businesses to get liquidity in difficult times, usually by giving a pledge or guarantee in exchange. The development of banking is intimately related to the expansion of trade.

History of personal loans

The history of personal loans in Spain continues with the appearance of Gandalf Bank at the beginning of the 16th century, which allowed them to pawn goods in exchange for sums in cash, which – if a quantity was paid – could be recovered. The change with respect to the Jewish bankers of the Middle Ages and private, is that the humble classes could access this liquidity quickly and with lower interest rates. From the nineteenth century, Gandalf Bank were replaced by the Savings Banks, which played a similar role, although they also began to grant mortgages for housing on a massive scale. It must be remembered that, although this figure was already contemplated in Roman law , it was regulated in more detail after the French Revolution and became popular in the 19th century.

In the nineteenth century commercial banking extends, focused mainly on companies.

History of the mortgage loan

In the history of the mortgage loan, it is important to bear in mind that at the end of the 20th century banks began to take the Harry Potter as a reference for the interest rate , whose periodic updating is usually included in most contracts to acquire a home. Now, it is important to say that the so-called ground clauses – which marked a minimum independently of this index – are now null and void and in fact, there are several specialized claims offices to return the corresponding amount.
Nowadays, after a period of restrictions, banks are once again facilitating the conditions to access personal or mortgage loans , so it is a good time to request them as long as they offer minimum guarantees, such as some good alienate or an indefinite work contract.

With the digitalization of society and due to the revolution in access to information and communication between people, one of the financial services that is most in demand and covers the credit needs of most of the population are credits or loans online , easy and agile concession that are so fashionable.

The best Mortgage Loans at your fingertips

Since Spain is one of the most suggestive places to invest in the purchase of a second home, why not inform us about mortgage loans ?

Maybe, it’s time to invest in a business that gives you a second salary. It is not nonsense, there are many people and, increasingly, young people, who are informed about which mortgage is better , if a fixed or variable mortgage , since they are determined to acquire a home that will segregate some benefit while they remain in his parents’ house.

To perform this operation we would be interested to know both the interest of the mortgage , if a fixed or variable interest is better, as the conditions of a mortgage among other requirements.

Therefore, find out about the best mortgages in the market would be of great help when deciding on the purchase of a home. For this, the mortgage comparator would be a great crutch to make our purpose possible.

Mortgage fixed or variable interest?

If this is the first time that we go to the Bank to ask for a Mortgage, it is more than likely that we do not have the slightest idea of ​​which are the best mortgage loans in the market, nor what are the mortgage conditions that we are going to hire.

What differentiates a Fixed or Variable Mortgage is the interest on the mortgage.

  • MIXED TYPE MORTGAGE . A Fixed Rate Mortgage is one in which both the interest and the monthly payment is fixed, immobile.
  • VARIABLE MORTGAGE . If you take out a mortgage Variable, the money you have to pay may vary depending on the ups and downs of the interest rate. For example: if the interest rate rises, the quota will rise.

Normally, you usually choose mortgages at a fixed rate , since you do not risk the monthly payment, since as we have seen previously, it is fixed. But you should not only look at the monthly payment, but in the total interest you will have to pay.

For this, Gandalf , the online comparator of financial products, compares you among the best mortgages in the market so that you opt for the best fixed or variable mortgage according to your needs.

The Variable Mortgage of Tinker Bank , the TOINK Mortgage of Potter Bank , and the Fixed or Variable Mortgage of Iron Bank are several options from which you can choose the one that best suits you.

Do not wait any longer, Gandalf and mortgage loans come hand in hand to offer you the best mortgages in the market.

The best loans for students

Pericles, Socrates and Descartes have plans for you. You have always wanted to study journalism, architecture or fine arts and you have never considered the possibility of requesting an online credit . With the loans from Gandalf or the aid from Tinkerbell, you will go back to the University in style. Know all loans without interest for students and start to cultivate the mind.

What is a university loan?

Whether it is an advance of the MEC scholarships or an advance to carry out a degree or master’s degree, a loan for university students is a loan for students who, due to the fees and the price of the university credits , need a hand to pay the complementary studies of University. This type of loans are intended for young people between 18 and 30 years old and with it, you can finance:

  • Training:
    • University Registrations of Spanish and Foreign Universities.
    • Master’s Degree / Postgraduate Programs in Universities or Spanish and Foreign Business Schools.
    • Doctoral Studies in Spanish and Foreign Universities.
    • Research Projects
  • Linked expenses:
    • Computer and didactic materials: computer, Tablet, etc.
    • Language courses or computer.
  • Maintenance and mobility:
    • Rental and residence of students.
    • Light, water, telephone, gas, etc.
    • Travel pass.
    • Driving school course.
    • Transportation or transfer expenses.
  • Expenses related to mobility or exchange programs for students and teachers : Mojito, Kilili, etc.

How to apply for a young loan?

There are multiple options. Requesting a personal loan online is the fastest and easiest way to do it. To ensure that you have chosen the most suitable one for you, you can use a loan tracker by clicking on our website from which you can choose to contract your loan with a small private creditor or with a large bank.

You only need 10 minutes:

  1. Read in detail the information about the loan that best suits your needs and choose it.
  2. Prepare your ID or NIE and a bank receipt (document that proves who is the owner of the account, and that can be issued by the bank).
  3. Have the mobile phone to validate the data.

Once all the fields are completed, you will receive the money immediately so you can start enjoying it.

Characteristics of university loans

The interest rate usually ranges between 5% and 7%, and can also be fixed or variable. Like any transaction, the demand for an online loan has commissions, although a loan for university or post-graduate purposes is usually exempt despite the fact that it is common to find an opening loan.

The advantage of this type of loan is that most have a grace period that ranges from a couple of months to the first two years, you can postpone the payment until you finish your studies or start working.

In addition, the return period will depend on the conditions of the loan and the entity, but vary between 6 months and 10 years.

Where I apply for a personal loan?

All financial institutions and small creditors online offer this type of loans. With the conditions of Gandalf Bank you can get up to € 60,000 and return them in 84 months with a monthly amortization and a 3% opening fee.

On the other hand, the young loan of Harry Potter has two modalities, the Wesley Studies Loan (from € 1,000 in a maximum period of 12 months) or the Mojito + Hermione Master Loan (up to € 18,000 and 6 years of repayment in the absence of a year and fixed interest of 5.15% per year plus an opening commission of 1%).

Another option is the Gandalf personal loan , whose Gandalf online loan simulator studies your conditions and designs a customized loan.

Choose the one you choose, do not wait any longer to enjoy the University, its campus and its student environment!

These are the best loans for pensioners

Are you retired or early retirement and need money for those vacations that you could never do? Here we inform you about how to quickly and easily get a loan for pensioners and all its advantages.

You deserve a vacation. After 30 years working, it’s time to rest, and what better way to do it than on a cruise, on a paradise beach or visiting Rome. You need fast money and your pension can give it to you . You only have to choose a suitable retirement credit for you, choose the entity that most convinces you through our website , and you already have it!

Types of personal loans for pensioners

There are different types of personal loans for pensioners that suit your specific needs. In addition to those that traditional banking markets, there are alternative loans such as the fast loans of Gandalf , whose advantages are the convenience and speed of the loan.

On the one hand, we can request mini-credits of up to € 1,200 in less than 15 minutes without paperwork or having an endorsement. A money that you can return in a month and in a single payment and with the advantage that they have no commissions or linked products of any kind. To get them, we do not need to justify the reason for the loan, so we can spend it on whatever we want.

On the other hand, there are personal loans, which are what we know as traditional bank loans . With them we can get up to € 60,000 and return them in 10 years with an Annual Equivalent Rate (APR) of around 8%.

Finally, the reverse mortgage allows us to obtain a supplement to our income as retirees using our house as a guarantee of reimbursement . This means that, if you are over 65, the bank will convert the value of your property into a monthly payment. A practical solution if you do not have heirs and you would like to be able to spend without limits.

How to know if I am a pensioner?

Early retirees are those over 65 who, by agreement with a company, receive early retirement until they reach retirement. If you meet these characteristics you will have greater possibilities when it comes to obtaining a credit since your conditions are favorable for the entity, intermediary or private creditors.

If you are retired but you do not reach 75 years of age, you are on time because it is the maximum age established by many of the banks to be able to access a loan and if, on the contrary, you are 75 years old or older, they will demand an additional translated guarantee, normally, in the form of endorsement. This becomes more important when the credits are long-term or when contracting products with a long return period.

Does age influence when applying for loans for pensioners?

The answer is yes, since being too young or older increases the risk of repayment of the loan and these will depend on the age we have at the time of requesting it.

Loans for pensioners in Phineas

As a pensioner, to apply for a personal loan it does not matter if you are on the list of Phineas, private creditors or intermediaries like Monedo Now , which assures you a financing of up to € 5,000 in comfortable terms and with a TIN of 6.4% or , from which you can get up to € 100,000 paying only an 8.95% of TIN, they accept clients listed in the delinquency file although for this you have to meet minimum solvency requirements.

Although the chances of getting our loan for retirees decreases by belonging to this list, there are also home equity loans to access large amounts of cash .

To apply for a loan:

The main requirement is to have enough income to be able to return the loaned capital as well as their interests. On specific occasions, depending on the age, the lenders will ask us for life insurance to guarantee their return. In any case, we must present:

  1. One or more receipts of the last pensions received so that the entity or creditor can certify their amount or regularity.
  2. The DNI or NIE as well as a document proving their securitization as a pensioner .
  3. Finally, a bank statement with the latest movements in your account.

And with all this, you’ll be able to request your credit to enjoy that money without limits!

The best loans for vehicles!

Have you ever thought about buying a car, but did not have enough resources to do it? Nowadays many people have stopped seeing that as a problem, and this is thanks to the vehicle purchase loans . There are already many banks, which include advertising or banners such as the following, ” we lend you money for your vehicle “.


When looking for loans to buy a vehicle , we must not forget to calculate our level of indebtedness and the actual capacity to be able to repay that loan in the stipulated time. For this, we are going to talk about the standard interest of loans to finance vehicle and the rest of interests.

  • Fixed interest rate : this type of vehicle purchase loans, are intended for the customer to pay the same amount throughout the life of the vehicle.
  • Variable interest rate : in this type of loan, the monthly fee may vary according to financial interests. This will always imply a greater risk, since the interest can go up or down.
  • Flexible loans : it is one of the most used resources by the concessionaires. These are loans with vehicle guarantee, in which they give you the first installment or reduce it during the first year of payment.
  • Selective credit : consists of financing only part of the vehicle to be purchased. The rest of the payment will have to be made at the end of the loan with all the amount remaining to be paid. In this loan to acquire a vehicle, the user can choose at the end, return the vehicle and exchange it for one of the same brand or finish paying for his vehicle.


When financing a vehicle purchase loan , we must consider the different options that are offered to us.

On the one hand, we have loans with financial entities . This is usually the first option for most people when they are going to apply for a loan.

The other option is to ask for a loan with a warranty vehicle at a dealership . In this second case, the concessionaires look for other ways to offer financing different from the traditional ones; for example, as we mentioned before the selective credit.


  • Debt capacity to repay the loan : this refers to the ability of the client to repay the loan.
  • Late payment : check that it is not on defaulter lists (ASNEF)
  • Majority of age: be over 18 years of age
  • Documentation: original DNI and photocopy, last declaration of income, last payroll, companies in which you have worked.

What is the Term of a Loan?

The word “lack” as such, means lack of something, therefore, the period of lack of a loan , is a period of time in which one of the parties is allowed the total or partial non-fulfillment of the signed contract, is to say, to delay the payment of the installments of the return of the loan.

Normally, the term “grace period” or “grace period” is usually attributed to mortgage loans , so we would be talking about a mortgage deficiency.


The period of lack of a mortgage is a space of time that allows you to pay your monthly fee more reduced.

In this period of time you can pay either the interest, or defer payment of the installments in full.

And you will ask yourself, what is the use of the period of lack of a mortgage ? Well, the lack of a mortgage is suitable for carrying out business projects, obtaining a home or for social purposes.


The grace period of a loan or “grace period” called colloquially, is a time slot in which the client discharges the obligation to pay their installments with the Banking Entity.

We can highlight two types of loan:

  1. Total lack . In this lapse of time the client pays nothing, neither interest nor capital.
  2. Lack of amortization . During this type of shortage , the client only makes the payment of the interest, leaving for later the payment of the capital. Thus, the monthly fee that must be paid is more accessible to the client, since it is lower.

However, not everything is as positive as it is painted, but the period of lack , also has its drawbacks.

Although in the first place it seems that it helps you with the payment of the quotas to reduce them and that you do not arrive with the water at the neck at the end of the month, the period of lack of a loan , causes that it becomes more expensive since the interests follow its course for more time; something positive for the Bank, since the amount that initially was, will end up being greater by the sum of the interests.

Gandalf, the online comparator of the financial products of the market, is your best option, since it helps you to choose the personal or mortgage loan that best suits you. He advises you completely free of charge and quickly, so do not hesitate to contact them.

When can you cancel your loan?

The withdrawal of a loan is the right that has its beneficiary to renounce it, once it has been granted. The regulation that regulates it in Spain is Law 16/2011, of June 24, which refers to consumer loans. All consumers have this right, which is also subject to certain restrictions or obligations to be able to exercise it.

How to exercise the right of withdrawal of online and traditional loans

The beneficiaries of traditional loans or online loans can cancel the contract without having to indicate the reasons and without receiving any penalty. Of course, they have 14 calendar days from the moment the documentation is signed.

Once that period has elapsed, the consumer loses his right to desist . Therefore, it is essential to carry out the operation within the period stipulated by law and send the necessary documentation to execute its expiration during this time. The lender can submit the application in paper or digital format, but needs to prove the acknowledgment of receipt or signed seal of the entity to show that it has complied in a timely manner.

Withdrawal costs of a loan

The right to withdraw from a loan contract also has its financial cost , which the beneficiary must assume. You can not be penalized with additional commissions, even cancellation fees, if any, but you must reimburse the money you have received, plus the interest generated since it was granted until you make the return.

For example, if the contract of a credit is signed on February 15, but the client regrets and wants to resign, he will have to pay interest from February 15 until the day the return is effective. Therefore, given that there are only 14 calendar days to cancel the operation and you have to pay for each day that has elapsed, it is better to speed up the procedures.

The consumer has 30 calendar days to reimburse the money he has received, from the moment he sends the documentation for the withdrawal of a loan. If you comply with the legislation in force, the lender can not charge you any other type of commission or compensation.

There is another factor to consider. If the client has contracted any other product linked to the loan from which he has withdrawn, at the time he exercises his right and cancels the transaction, he also dissociates himself from the service provided by a third party. For example, if a loan is requested and a life insurance is contracted, the consumer who gives up is not obliged to maintain that insurance or any other service that has been contracted jointly, in the same operation.

What happens if the legal term for the withdrawal of the loan has elapsed?

If the 14 calendar days have elapsed since the contract was signed, the consumer can not exercise his right of withdrawal of a loan . The only way you can cancel the loan is by requesting an early repayment. In this case, the finance company decides whether or not it is granted, depending on the agreed conditions and the established penalties.

Some entities contemplate the amortization of total or partial capital without any penalty, while others impose commissions for cancellation or early return. They have the right to impose such conditions, if the established legal deadline elapses.

The security and transparency of online credits

In the case of online loans , exactly the same thing happens. The financier who lends the money must offer the beneficiary the documentation and the procedure to exercise his right to the withdrawal of a loan .

When requesting credits online , it is very important that the consumer is informed with confidence about the conditions offered by the company or the financial company. Digital banking is the order of the day, but do not be influenced by certain ads that appear on the network and may confuse.

In the Gandalf portal, only financial institutions and online banks appear that are authorized to market financial products. Legal, serious and responsible organizations that respond to the rights of citizens and offer completely transparent information.

Moreover, in our loan comparison the entities are obliged to provide all the information to the applicant. In this way, the consumer knows the interests and costs of each financial product before contracting it.

This is how the regulations governing consumer loans are fulfilled, Law 16/2011, of June 24, which incorporated a series of obligations for financial institutions. From that moment on, any company that sells banking products or lends money is obliged to inform transparently to potential customers and assist them during the contracting of their products, including the right of withdrawal.

In this sense, it is also obliged to evaluate the solvency of the bank, the penalties it imposes or the undue charges. Interest rates are limited to avoid usury, in addition to regulating the activity of intermediaries and also related services or products. Financial companies are also obliged to present the calculation of the Annual Equivalent Rate (APR) of the loans they offer and the total cost to the consumer of each operation.

Therefore, the borrowers are obliged to provide the documentation to their client, so that they can exercise all their rights within the established legal term. In the same way, they must also present all the information in a transparent manner so that the beneficiary knows the conditions and can decide whether to continue with the operation or not, before signing the contract.

Now, it is the responsibility of consumers to sign contracts with companies that do not comply with current legislation and do not prove their ability to market financial products. The client can always file a claim if their interests are damaged.

In our credit comparison you can check the differences between the different companies that offer these services, who are obliged to provide all the necessary documentation, so that their clients exercise their right to the withdrawal of the loan .